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Finding a California Drug Rehab, California Alcohol Rehab or California Drug and Alcohol Intervention can be a complicated and daunting tasks. However, addiction is a chronic condition. If professional help is not involved in multiple ways (such as therapy, inpatient drug rehab, alcohol rehab, support from family, environmental changes, intervention and aftercare) there may be risk of a relapse. With the right treatment, addicts and alcoholics can move past their addiction and achieve long term recovery free from drugs and alcohol.

You or your loved one suffering from addiction can achieve this as well. We highly recommend to have a California Drug Rehab or California Alcohol Rehab facility setup up prior to doing a drug intervention.

It is imperative that once your loved one accepts help that he or she immediately goes into a drug rehab or alcohol rehab facility.

Our professional California Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Intervention Team is available 24/7 by phone through our addiction hotline 866-313-5690 to assist with answering any questions you may have including.

  • How do I deal with a family member suffering from Drug Addiction?
  • How do I get help for  Alcoholism or Alcohol Addiction?
  • How do I find a Drug Rehab Treatment Facility?
  • What is a Alcohol Rehab Treatment Facility?
  • Where is an Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Center?
  • How do I plan a Drug Intervention or Alcohol Intervention?
  • Where do I find drug rehab and alcohol rehab aftercare and long term treatment options?
  • What does my insurance cover for drug rehab or alcohol rehab?
  • What are the best Drug Rehab facilities?

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What is a drug rehab Intervention?

A drug rehab intervention is designed to get an alcoholic or addict to accept help by involving the family, friends, addiction professionals, interventionists and the abuser of alcohol or drugs.

Family, friends and other loved ones use interventions specific to their loved one’s case to help them realize the extent of damages and effects that their substance abuse or alcohol addiction has done, and will continue to do to their lives if they do not kick their habit. We have a team of California Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab interventionist capable of handling any situation.

What is the main objective of a drug and alcohol intervention?

The main objective with any drug or alcohol intervention is provide a path that leaves the family member no other choice but to accept help. This often will require a 30-90 day inpatient drug rehab or inpatient alcohol rehab treatment center. For an intervention to be successful for a family struggling with alcoholism or addiction this will mean some tough choices such as “cutting the person off” and not enabling their addiction.

What is an alcohol rehab Intervention?

Alcoholism can be a very difficult challenge for many families. Often times the alcoholic does not consider them addicted to a substance and instead views their drinking as normal behavior.  Loved ones should be aware of the warning signs of an Alcoholic.

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